Monday, March 22, 2010


The graphic above is the front cover image from my forthcoming novel: The Converging: Closures in blood. I would like to begin by thanking Steven Efondo (Sefdesign) for breathing such scintillating life into my vision for the graphic representation of the final novel in this series. Steven’s talents as a graphic designer have helped polish the visual aspect of not only my novels, but my website and road presentation props as well and I thank him for his invaluable contributions to my project. As the appearance of a cover graphic would suggest, the novel is in close proximity to being release-ready. As I have indicated in the forums section of this site, the novel will begin its life as an e-book.

Fans of the series might ask why I’ve elected to go the e-book route and as the query is certainly valid, I will try to provide an answer…As I’m inclined to be frank and candid by nature, my response to this question can only be unequivocally honest. Amberdias publishing is a small regional micro press and when it was first created, everyone involved imaged that our project would garner a certain level of community and fan support in the area where we could realistically expect to operate…Unfortunately, sales of my first two novels have not met these expectations. The reasons behind this lack of acceptance are difficult to pinpoint…those who read the first two installment of the trilogy seemed to enjoy the effort, but enticing readers in the area to pick up the novels and embrace the tales told within has been a challenge to which we have not been equal…The reasons behind this are complicated and elude me, but as the refrain goes…they are what they are and I cannot help but accept them. Bottom line is that writing for public consumption is a marriage of art and business and at this time, it would not be practical to release a paper version of the novel. Will that change in the future…I am always hopeful, but augury is not my area of expertise, so I cannot predict and so I must say that the possibility of a paper version is…remote.

There are other reasons for my decision to go with an e-book format…they involve my strong belief in the environment and the idea that the proliferation of e-book technology is a positive thing for the book industry and the e-book has afforded me an opportunity at world-wide distribution that I may otherwise have never achieved.

Still this most compelling reason I’ve decided to release Closures in Blood as an e-book is this…during the course of the last three years, I have promised fans that Elizabeth and Cynara’s epic horror tale would have a fitting conclusion and by releasing this e-book, I am honoring that promise to the best of my ability. I am particularly pleased by the concluding volume of this trilogy…As the name would imply, the volume provides closure for all of the primary characters in the trilogy…This may well be my final foray into the world of writing for public consumption and though I am sad to see Elizabeth and Cynara’s story come an end, I can bid them a fond farewell knowing that I’m both satisfied and gratified by the way in which I told their story.


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