Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello to all:

As my latest effort has been released as an e-book (a format that I am likely to use for the foreseeable future), I just wanted to let visitors know that Kindle has provided a free download of their kindle software that will allow readers to download kindle format books for their computer. This will provide full Kindle functionality on their computer, including bookmarking and one touch page turning that makes the Kindle such a joy to use.  This free download can be had at the following address:

For fans looking to purchase Closures in Blood, they can do so through the Smashwords website. Be sure to select the mobi version when downloading the novel, so they can enjoy it with the Kindle for PC software.

On other matters, I am hard at work on editing the first novel in my fantasy series: Journey Through the Land of Shades. In addition to this preliminary editorial work, I'm writing the first draft of the fourth novel of this series...Wake of the ShadowCaster. Developing a living map and the cover concept for the first novel of the series has left my plate overflowing, but I've never been as delighted with the creative process as I am with this particular project. I will post more as I delve deeper into this world I've labored so mightily to create.

A few things I have discovered and am enjoying immensely:

Slash's new cd: FNF'NR
Blackmore's Night new cd: AUTUMN SKY
The Robert Jordan Novel: EYE OF THE WORLD

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