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The Impact of Characters on Their Creators - Guest Author Tracy Falbe - The Rhys Chronicles

I've long believed that it was imperative that a writer being willing to expose a piece of their creative souls to the reader...affording that reader to see the living, breathing entity behind the paper and gain a sense of the humanity that inspires the flow of words across the page. Writers create characters, but often those characters can influence and affect their creators in ways we could never have anticipated...I have provided a glimpse into the way that Elizabeth Simpson helped shape my personal philosophy towards virtue and perseverance...In the next series of guest posts, other authors will do the same...The first of these Is Fantasy Author Tracy Falbe (Rhys Chronicles).

My journey into rebellion - writing the character Dreibrand Veta

by Tracy Falbe, author of The Rys Chronicles fantasy series

Readers often like to know how authors get their ideas for characters. A portion of my ideas come from my attempts to interpret my feelings. The hero of The Rys Chronicles, Dreibrand Veta, was born of rebellious feelings inside me. He was a young military officer who had done everything that he was told to do to succeed in society. But his mammoth ambitions could not be content with what his society was going to give him. Dreibrand wanted more. He craved true wealth and power, and he was willing to defy convention and authority to get them. And, since I write fantasy novels, I could put a sword in his hand and an army at his back to help him along because violence is most often the rootstock of power.

What feelings inside me could have prompted this strong-willed adventure for Dreibrand? I conceived of him at a time when I reeling with discontent. I had been in the work force long enough to realize that the world was just not that into me. I also realized that I was not especially enthusiastic about towing any company's line. It's hard to get excited about someone else's profits. While trying to figure out my path in life, I've done a bit of rebelling. I've walked away from jobs. I've pulled up roots and moved across my country twice. I've devoted myself to my dream of being a fiction writer and connecting with an audience. None of these things would have happened if I had done what I was supposed to do. People are supposed to stay at their job if the job is willing to have them. It's the safe thing to do. People are typically disinclined to move away from friends and family and all they know. Trust me it's difficult, and I have respect for immigrants who have left their homelands entirely.

When writing Dreibrand Veta, I consciously invoked my rebellious inclinations. But is he just a hard guy who will kill whoever gets in his way? He starts out like that, but after all he is the hero of the epic, so he connects with his humanity bit by bit. Eventually, there comes a time when he gives into a plea for mercy when he should make the killing blow. He does this to honor kindnesses once shown him. And ultimately he overcomes his pride and ends a war instead of fully punishing his rivals. He does this for the sake of peace. The Rys Chronicles covers seven years of Dreibrand's life, and during that time he starts a family. The experience of being responsible for others besides himself helps him to learn the value of peace and the grinding cost of war. As his author, the journey I took with him was one that wove rebellion with restraint. The hunger of Dreibrand's desire was satisfied before it shifted into gluttony.

Writing Dreibrand was always very liberating for me. When I invited Dreibrand into my head, there were no problems that could not be overcome. And if I wanted to indulge my primitive side and slay some enemies, then that was fine too as long as it was for the right reasons.

Like all my characters that I create, I miss writing Dreibrand. He was fun and daring and got his way a lot. He got to be in charge and have lots of treasure. And he was close friends with the most powerful being in the world, the rys Shan. Adventures like these are never going to happen to me, but I can tap into my grandiose feelings and summon characters to act them out in novels. When I dig into my feelings, sometimes a character looks back at me and he or she sets up shop in my imagination for a while.

Occasionally I get a request from a reader to write more novels in The Rys Chronicles. It's been many years since I wrote Dreibrand. I'm not sure if he and I will ever meet again, but it is not outside the realm of possibility. I certainly know where to look for him.
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