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Today's guest author is James Rourke and his fantasy novel The Eternal Struggle:

Here is the compelling cover graphic from The Eternal Struggle:

Here is the synopsis of The Eternal Struggle:

Niccolo Bontecelli and Seamus O’Malley thought their afterlife would simply be a peaceful journey to Heaven. Little did they suspect their path would lead through Hell!

Satan, seeking a final victory in his eternal struggle with Goodness, strives to gain dominion over both the spiritual realm of Limbo and Earth. Hitler and Stalin are released from Hell with orders to bring havoc to Limbo and manipulate the upcoming US Presidential election.

Niccolo and Seamus battle evil with the aid of Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Biko and other historic figures. Can they save Limbo, Earth, and their own souls, or will Satan’s soldiers achieve their malicious goals?

Here is a link to Amazon where the novel can be purchased:

Here is a link to the author's website where you can view a trailer for and learn more about The Eternal Struggle:

I have asked James to answer a few questions on the nature of his creative process:

1: What aspect of the fantasy genre has drawn you to write beneath its creative umbrella?

1. I loved myths when I was growing up, particularly Greek and Norse mythology. While mythology is its own genre there are many elements of fantasy in them that I enjoyed immensely. Beyond the entertainment value of myths there exists the capacity to wrestle with the big questions of life; questions about meaning, purpose, virtues and vice. The Eternal Struggle trilogy addresses those questions while taking the reader to exotic landscapes, introducing them to new characters and reacquainting them with historic figures. It was the historic figures that presented the greatest challenge. If the reader is persuaded to surrender to the story the sight of Abraham Lincoln wielding spiritual lightning as a weapon against Adolf Hitler makes sense...and is pure fantasy without the wizards. For me myths are not fake, they are stories where one can consider and contemplate big questions while being entertained. Fantasy is an extension of myth making and a genre where, once a world has been created, creativity reigns supreme...which can be great fun for a writer
2: Describe the mechanics of your creative process...touching on elements such as narrative perspectives and tools you prefer to employ in developing your stories.
2.For a story as big as The Eternal Struggle the use of omniscient storytelling voice was the most practical. It wasn't even a choice per say, it just seemed natural. The use of the historic characters in the book required much more conscience decision making. I wanted the historic figures to be true to themselves - as a history teacher this was very important to me - yet the environment they were in was so foreign that I has some lee way to sculpt them as well. If that "sculpting" went to far I would feel uncomfortable with what was being written and had to revisit the scene. In terms of the story arc I knew the ending of the book before anything else. Actually, for quite awhile, all I had was an ending and no idea ho to get there. Once the question, "If this is how it ends then how should it begin?" was answered I was able to create a general outline of the story and it filled in from there.

I hope visitors take a few moment to learn more about this fantasy offering by James Rourke.

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