Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's featured author is Adam Santo and his self-described wild and creepy fantasy Temperature: Dead and Rising.

Here is the cover art for Temperature: Dead and Rising

Here is a synopsis for Temperature: Dead and Rising

Dark, funny, and filled with suspense, Temperature: Dead and Rising by new author Adam Santo is a wildly creepy fantasy—and a corpse of a good time. When Sally Mertill is driving a carload of her friends back to Green Mountain Falls after visiting Pike’s Peak they’ll careen off the side of the mountain. With no guardrails it’s not surprising there are no survivors. And yet within two days a not altogether bad fellow named Bocnic Drewings will call upon the metal drawer where her body awaits autopsy, open it, and lead her on the adventure of a lifetime—well, that’s if she’d have survived the accident. The powers that be have chosen Sally to become undead and she’s the only other person time eternal who’s been given the power to raise the dead—and control them. When leaders of rival undead clans find out, they either want to control or destroy her, which makes Sally staying undead a bit of a challenge.

Here are just two of the places where you can purchase Adam's novel:

Amazon link:

Sony reader store:

Temperature: Dead and Rising is available through all major e-book platforms and retailers.

You can learn more about Adam and Temperature: Dead and Rising at the author's website:

I Hope visitors will take a moment and visit Adam's site and learn more about this new fantasy novel!!

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