Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Over the last month or so, I’ve devoted a good amount of virtual space to my concept of helping promote fellow aspiring authors from around the world by featuring their creative works on my blog…In the meantime, I’ve being working steadily and inexorably towards the publication of the first novel of my fantasy series, entitled Journey through the Land of Shades. I fervently believe that promoting a culture of reciprocal cross promotion amongst authors can only benefit the genres involved, but still, I can’t lose sight of the primary reason this site exists; to showcase my own creative vision and the artistic products this vision that it spawns. To that end, I will divide my time between my feature author segments and my new pre-release project: A Journey through the Land of Shades Primer.

The initial pass of this first novel was written in 1992 and it was a rather crude first casting into the unbound creative waters of the fantasy genre and though unpolished and lacking the elegance befitting the fantasy genre, the concept struck me as fundamentally sound and so I invested thousands of hours into the process of evolving the story structure to the point where if feel comfortable should it sit next to a Steven Erikson or Robert Jordan novel on any virtual bookshelf. Islena Doraux’s tale has now reached the culmination of that evolution and I am now pleased that I will be offering the best version of the story that my creative abilities will allow.

The novel is written and my part, from the creative standpoint is complete. I must now patiently await the completion of the cover art, the graphic and map elements and a website overhaul.

To occupy my time in the interim, I’ve decided to develop a primer that will provide readers and fans with a deeper insight into the Antiquated World that will play host to Islena Doraux’s Journey through the Land of Shades. It is a rich world, populated by a plethora of complex characters whose motivations and agendas are often concealed behind veils of deception and subtlety. A world that is characterized by mystery and confusion, the Antiquated World is fraught with mystery and mythos…much of which is only obliquely revealed in the opening novel of the cycle. The Primer will set the stage for this epic work of high fantasy and I look forward to disclosing the Antiquated World’s secrets…in small increments of course.

For now, I can fetch a sigh of relief, content in the knowledge that I have set the first stone in Islena’s road and the belief that my effort will do justice to the genre that I so deeply love.

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