Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I initially posted a thread inviting fantasy, sci-fi and horror authors to participate in a reciprocal cross promotional concept with a mind to using my website’s author blog to spotlight some of their creative works…this offer stands and will continue to stand as I would like to see aspiring authors work together to promote each others’ works and the genres we love. Here is a list of authors I have featured on my blog since initiating this concept:
Kriss Perras Running Waters - Sci-fi - 300 Nights

Patricia Puddle - children’s fantasy - Velvet Ball and the Broken Fairy

Jess C Scott - Fantasy - Other Side of Life

Nicki J Markus - Fantasy - Dragon’s Heart

Franz McClaren - Fantasy - Home Lost (Clarion of Destiny 1)

Tracy Falbe - Fantasy - Union or Renegades (Rys 1)

Tracey Alley - Fantasy - Erich’s Plea (Witchcraft Wars)

David N. Pauly - Fantasy - Icarus Rising

Ottilie Weber - YA Sci-Fi - End of the Line

Maxwell Alexander Drake - Fantasy - Farmers and Mercenaries

Danielle D Smith - (erotic) Horror - Black Dog and Rebel Rose

Charlie Courtland - Horror - The Secret of a Spicy Jalapeno

Franz s Mcclaren - Fantasy - Into the Demon Realm (Clarion of Destiny 5)

I have a group of others in the que and ready to be posted. Again, I invite other authors to participate…while reciprocal posting is the concept and is preferred, it is not strictly necessary…just submit a cover jpeg, synopsis and purchase and or contact links to and I will post your submission of my blog at I believe we can all benefit by fostering a co-operative environment of promoting our works and the genres we love to work in.

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  1. Hi George. I have not had to back at my blog yet. Perhaps we can arrange a guest blog/promo for some time in April?!