Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello to all: Today, I would like to announce that I’ve decided to offer The Converging…the first novel of the intense, dark horror trilogy of the same name…for free. This initial volume is a character and story driven offering that I believe will prove intensely satisfying for horror fans, but will also prove attractive to readers who are not familiar with the genre. This price change will take effect on both Smashwords immediately. The change should come into effect on the other e-book retailer sites (Sony, Apple and Barnes & Noble) sometime over the next two weeks. Please note that Kindle will not allow its authors to offer their books for free, but Kindle owners will be able to download the novel from the Smashwords site at no cost.


Here is a synopsis of the first volume of this horror cycle:

In a profound twist on the traditional concept of Biblical demonolgy, The Converging recounts the tale of ethereal Romanian demon Cynara Saravic who after building her legend as Satan’s most prolific reaper of souls, decides she must have a soul, not for the dark father, but her own companionship. Her eighty year search for a perfect light reflection of her own darkness leads her to a small Washington town where she spins an insidious web of terror, creating a stark aura of despair behind which she can lay claim to her coveted prize.

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