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Today's featured guest author is Tracey Alley...who returns with the final volume in her Witchwars cycle, entitled Slade's Destiny:

Here is the cover art for Slade's Destiny:

Here is a brief Synopsis of Slade's Destiny:

It is Slade's Destiny to somehow save all of Kaynos from complete, total destruction. He doesn't know how or why but he must find out because time is running out. The war has begun and Lord Michael leads out his vastly outnumbered army to face an enemy that is lethal and possesses the skill of witchcraft.
Lord Nexus has revealed himself as a traitor and it is a race to see who between he and Shallendara can open the portal to the very realm of the gods themselves. One seeks ultimate power and the other the ultimate revenge but should either of them succeed it will mean total devastation for Kaynos.

Can Slade find his father and fulfil his destiny in time to save an entire world?

For those interested in learning a bit more about Tracey Alley, the novelist, here is a short bio:

I learned to read and write at a very early age and my earliest memories are of my mother telling me stories about fairies and elves and flowers that could talk; all living in our back garden. I began writing my own stories by the time I was six or seven. So I never felt a sense of ‘I want to be a writer’ I always felt I was a writer, I just wanted to be a published writer. It took me many years to learn to write well and even more years before I came up with a story that I felt would stand the test of publication – The Witchcraft Wars.

I tend to be super critical of my own work so there are quite a few manuscripts lying around my house that other writers might have felt inclined to publish – work that I actually received very favourable feedback from editors and publishers alike but not work that I was totally happy with so I waited till I felt sure. For the most part my books have sold reasonably well and most people have liked them. I’ve had a few scathing reviews but that just tells me I’m truly a writer – no writer alive ever escapes a bad review.

The story of The Witchcraft Wars is an interesting one in itself. I remember watching an old Robin Hood movie and that got me thinking about the son whose task was to regain a kingdom for his father. At the time I was also role-playing regularly with a group of friends and I asked if they’d mind me trying out the idea of a group of adventurers who had to work together even though they came from different backgrounds, ideologies, and completely opposite points of view but that they would all be working for love of some kind – love of a friend, love of country or god, romantic love, love of parent – all different kinds of love but that love was the motivating force to weld this group together. I also wanted to show the other outcomes of the baser human emotions like greed, envy, lust for power and hidden agendas. All in all I’d say I did a pretty good job of transferring my idea into a believable fantasy environment.
As for me I live in Sth East QLD in Australia with my dog and two cats. I come from a huge, loving, wonderful family and have a wide, eclectic group of friends. I love to learn and have two BA’s – one in Ancient History where I specialized in Egyptology and the other in Comparative Religions where I specialised in ancient pagan religions. I’m thinking of going back to do my Masters soon but I’ve had a few health bumps along the way so I probably won’t enrol until second semester. I use boxing and yoga to relax, walk the dog and still enjoy role-playing or playing cards with friends. I like to set myself challenges of different things to learn and this year it’s scuba diving and photography – I may not make it but I’ll give it a try.

Here are some of the locations where you can learn more about Tracey Alley and the Witchwars Series:

Author website: http://traceyalley.weebly.com/index.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tracey-Alley-The-World-of-Kaynos/127959000550782

Twitter: http://twitter.com/traceylalley

Purchased at:  http://www.amazon.com/Slades-Destiny-Three-Witchcraft-ebook/dp/B0050IU5TS/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1

Purchased at:   


I hope that visitors take a moment to explore the world of Tracey Alley's Witchwars and Slade's Destiny.

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