Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today's featured guest author is Tim Garrity and his horror novel - Clinical Lycanthropy:

Here is the cover art for Clinical Lycanthropy:

Here is a synopsis of Clinical Lycanthropy:

Mark Enos arrives in his native Massachusetts fresh off a tour of duty in Iraq a broken man. Destitute, drug addled and racked by recurring nightmares, Mark sinks deeper into darkness and despair until one night he is attacked by a strange beast. In an instant Mark’s life begins to turn around; physically he feels stronger, the nightmares disappear and he begins to pick up the pieces of his broken life. Though seemingly blessed with a second chance at life Mark begins to question his ‘gift’ as his injuries heal at a preternatural rate and he begins to encounter a series of strange happenings. It isn’t long before Mark feels that the beast that set upon him that fateful night was no ordinary animal and that its bite transformed him into something monstrous and terrible. Mark’s fears of being cursed are only intensified as a series of grisly murders occur around town and all clues seem to lead to him. As Mark is forced to run from the authorities the panicked townsfolk are left to wonder as the full moon rises just what stalks their streets and prowls their backyards, a disturbed young man or a savage beast?

Here is a brief bio for author Tim Garrity:

Tim Garrity is the author of Vargulf, a self published work which garnered honorable mention in the category of General Fiction at the 2009 DIY Book Convention as well as the 2009 New England Book Festival. Vargulf was also awarded a bronze medal in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award in the category of Horror. Currently, he resides in Boston

Here are a few locations where visitors can follow Tim Garrity and learn more about Clinical Lycanthropy and his other works:

As always, I hope guests will take a few moments to follow these links and learn more about Tim Garrity and the world of Clinical Lycanthropy.

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