Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today's featured author is Franz Mclaren, author of the Clarion of Destiny Fantasy series. Today, Franz returns to respond to my posed question...What is it about the fantasy genre that inspires you to create under its umbrella. I find that the responses to this and other questions of a similar nature can provide insight not only to the nature of the work, but also provide a glimpse into the nature of those who create these works.

A few days ago, George posed the following question to me, "What is it about your chosen genre that compels you to write?"

My initial gut response was a flip (I do a lot of flip), "because it's fun". It is. However, after having some time to think about the question, I realize that it is more than just a satisfying way to pass the time.

I grew up in a difficult time, in a difficult place. I learned early that writing provided a much needed escape. Due to my circumstances, I gravitated to horror short stories as a release. They enabled me to create worlds that were far worse than I was experiencing. By comparison I had it pretty good.

When I grew up and decided that it was time for my writing to wear long pants, I tried my hand at a horror novel. Much to my surprise, in spite of my efforts to channel the tale, it turned out as a fantasy. And there I found something new. Instead of using writing to envision worlds so terrible that my own seemed pleasant, I found that I could create worlds that were places I would like to be. In these lands I could never outgrow wonder. New and exciting experiences were never more than a few pages away. Here, I could know the wonderful and wondering parts of childhood forever.

I still write horror occasionally. It is like taking a vacation to keep everything in my daily life fresh. But now, my heart, mind, and imagination are hooked on fantasy. I would much rather build places I want to be than places I want to avoid.

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