Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The guest author featured on this segment is Farida Mestek and her YA Fantasy Novella: Almendra: A Fairy-tale.

Here is the cover art for Almendra: A Fairy-tale:

Here is a synopsis of Farida's novella:

Almendra, the High Lady of The Upper Kingdom, is doomed. Many years ago, in a fit of rage and broken heart, her mother banished all the men from the country and plunged it into unhappiness, loneliness and gloom. For many years Almendra’s only companions were her old Nanny and her faithful friend Woo, the wolf. Now Almendra faces a daunting task of going to The Land of Men and getting rid of the curse. But she doesn’t know the way and she has never seen a man in her life.
In comes Joannah Nibbler-Pincher, a girl with a tambourine, a bag of sad songs and a thick black choker that hides the mystery of her painful past. She and Almendra become best friends and Joannah takes it upon herself to take the High Lady and her unconventional family to The Land of Men, where Almendra intends to find love that, according to a fate line left by her mother, will have the power to restore The Upper Kingdom to all its former glory. But it’s a long way to The Land of Men and the outcome of the journey will change Almendra forever.

Here is a link where visitors may purchase Almendra: A Fairy-tale:


Here are a few locations where visitors may follow Farida and learn more about her creative offerings:

The Upper Kingdom:  (

Twitter: @faridamestek
Facebook: Farida Mestek

As always, I hope that visitors will take a few moments to visit Farida's site and learn more about the world of Almendra!

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