Sunday, April 10, 2011


The guest author featured in today's segment is Lily (and really, who needs two names) and her self-described dark fairytale Eden Fell. I wanted to not that in addition to being the author of this fantasy novella, Lily is also a graphic designer and I hope that guests will take a moment to consider her creative efforts in this area as well.

Here is the cover art for Eden Fell:

Here is the synopsis for Eden Fell:

A dark and modern fairytale that chronicles Eden's life as she falls from grace. Following a stream of consciousness, she journeys with her constant companions, the snake and the rhinoceros, through her life as an abstract painter to the end of the world. Together, the three of them encounter zombie marionettes, a frost prince, a winter sprite and a diligent gardener. Without the snake and the rhinoceros, there is only a punk kid, a clerk at a convenience store, an agent and a smattering of acquaintances. Watch... as Eden falls.

Here are just a few locations where you can purchase this fascinating novella:

Directly from the publisher:

Amazon Kindle:

The paper version of Eden Fell can be purchased through the following locations.


Barnes and Noble:


You can follow Lily and learn more about her art at the following locations:

Author website:

Author facebook page:

It has never being my intention to color these posts with my own personal opinion, but this really does look like a fascinating offering and I hope guests will take a few moments to explore Lily's creative world and watch Eden Fall.

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