Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Very Nice reviews for The Converging and Mark of the Demon

With my efforts in posting the works of my fellow authors on my blog, just a brief interjection so as not to lose sight of my own creative efforts. Here are two rather pleasing reviews of the first and second segments of my Converging Trilogy by author Franz McClaren:

Review by: Franz McLaren on Mar. 15, 2011 :

In "The Converging", George Straatman demonstrates a command of story, plot, characterization, and description that is rare. From the onset, Mr. Straatman carefully spins a tale, one strand at a time, until his web is complete and the reader is fully ensnared. Once entrapped, he leads us into our greatest fears. These run the gambit from lost children to unseen things that stalk us in the night and from confrontation with our own deepest selves to an invulnerable evil that relishes pain and knows no pity. This is a novel that can stand toe to toe with the masters of horror. It is a must read for all dark horror fans.

Review by: Franz McLaren on Apr. 10, 2011 :

Few authors can equal their first success with a great sequel. In "The Converging: Mark of the Demon", George Straatman has exceeded his first effort. In addition to an enviable mastery of story, plot, characterization, and description, he has added the skill of making even the landscape seem ominous. He deftly weaves subplots, horrors that the viewer sees and the protagonists do not suspect, into a chilling series of nightmares. Noose after noose tightens as the ultimate evil spins an inescapable web of terror. Again Mr. Straatman has demonstrated that he deserves a place amongst the masters of horror. This novel too, is a must read for all dark horror fans.

Thank you, Franz. Having someone derive measure of pleasure from your work is really the greatest joy an author can have and is really what this whole creative process is all about for me.

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